Jelani's Unique Competitive Edge

The unique competitive edge Jelani provides is that we exceed the expectations of our clients’ needs. We have the ability to discern our clients’ intimate needs and translate them into the experience you expect.

Our key focus is to achieve customer satisfaction and value for money through creating and delivering a hands on execution of any service you select & delivering an exceptional experience for you. We align ourselves with each of our clients’ individual Vision, Mission & Values to meet your objectives.

Market Penetration & New Product/Service Innovation

Our services included promoting to our clientele the Conferencing venues in the area, Excursions & Team building as Value Add’s to the conferences that would enhance the Experience of the team. We discovered our area has attractions that add enormous value to any event, conference or function. Through partnering with Local events companies Jelani serves our community and area and has expanded Nationally. We market our area as a Destination of choice to Locals, Corporates & Internationals.  The Cradle of humankind has become a World heritage site and attraction & an exciting option.  Once we attract people we extend our services to the whole of South Africa & Neighbouring regions.

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Tel: +27(11) 954-3651
082 829 5392 (Durward)
082 567 6099 (Natalie)

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