The vision of Jelani

The vision of Jelani is to Transform lives, Cities and Nations.

Our mission is to deliver unequaled service excellence through professionalism, value add, attention to detail, product knowledge & understanding of your needs as well as fully executing those needs to the finest detail.

Our strategy to achieve our vision & execute our mission is to:

list-style1 Offer uncompromising service excellence with the highest level of professionalism

list-style1 Create an exceptional experience of our country that will encapsulate our rich culture, history & breathtaking beauty

list-style1 Working to the outcome of “Value for Money” by been transparent and functioning with absolute integrity

list-style1 Build partnerships to empower entrepreneurship of SMME’s

list-style1 Build relationships with local clientele to promote the value of inbound travel intuitively analyzing strategic markets.

Leaving “You” our client with the indelible imprint that you are of the highest Value have been treated in that respect. The yardstick we measure success by is how much we aligned ourselves with your visions & values to enable you to achieve Your Objectives & Goals leaving an Imprint of Value Add & excellence within you.

Our Values

list-style1 We strive to achieve Excellence
list-style1 Execute services with  Professionalism
list-style1 We are Transparent
list-style1 We have Integrity
list-style1 We Respect & Value our clients
list-style1 Operate with Intuition to discern your needs
list-style1 Constantly Innovating new concepts & ideas
list-style1 We constantly improve our Knowledge
list-style1 We are Creative
list-style1 We are Passionate

Our credibility:

list-style1 Own Vehicles – legal, permits, PDP’s & Insurance
list-style1 Network of Suppliers
list-style1 Experienced, knowledgeable Team
list-style1 Teambuilding Specialist – Outcome-Based

Our commitment to you is to:

list-style1 Operate with absolute integrity
list-style1 Assurance of value for money
list-style1 Meeting your exact requirements
list-style1 Prompt turnaround time

Contact Details

Tel: +27(11) 954-3651
082 829 5392 (Durward)
082 567 6099 (Natalie)

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